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Flow Networks understand the significance of selecting the right WAN connection for your business. Which is why we place such high importance on getting to know your business, understand your mercantile, specialised or functional needs before structuring the necessary configuration.

Flow Networks provide a range of options for businesses to choose from to create the right solution for your network, connecting your sites across the UK and the wider world.

Our solutions can link your organisation’s separate sites to each other using technologies such as MPLS, SD-WAN or VPN) regardless of whether your sites are located on the same business park or on different continents, your HQ is in a commercial centre, other branch offices in a portacabin on a building site: your wide area network will now bring them together with one voice.


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WAN – Managed IT/Remote & Telephone Support

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With a Flow Networks managed WAN, you get:

  • A range of speeds
  • Proactive administration
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Resilient options
  • Direct access to engineers
  • End-to-end service

Flow Networks provide your business with its own account manager to take you from inception, to audit, to delivery and then year-round proactive monitoring.

Now is the time to take your business where it needs to be.



Flow Networks, Fibre Leased Line offers you a dedicated, balanced and consistent provision, with SLAs that guarantee high-speed, continuously-on, and uncontended connections, ensuring your business is operational effective and competitive.

Our next-generation system gives you leased fibre lines with the highest standards in bandwidth, which are flexible, resilient and offer great value for money.

The Benefits:

  • Symmetrical, uncontended bandwidth up to and in excess of 10Gbps
  • Global connectivity
  • Dedicated, unlimited circuit exclusively for your business
  • Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% up-time
  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring

Our EFM provision, gives you all the rewards that a fibre network does but uses existing copper phone lines for broader accessibility, with lower cost implications and shorter lead times in comparison to other leased lines, making this option a new and inexpensive take on existing technology.

EFM is a fantastic leased line alternative which provides you with scalable bandwidth options but is delivered as a non-contended service.

The Benefits:

  • Symmetrical, uncontended bandwidth up to 20Mbps
  • UK wide connectivity
  • Short lead times – typically 25 working days
  • Dedicated circuit for your business
  • Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime and 7 hour fix

ADSL is a long-established technology used by the majority of businesses today because it is relatively low cost but offers high throughput capabilities. ADSL connections are often used for remote workers enabling them to connect with their office networks. Smaller retail outlets and branch offices also choose ADSL, where EFM is not available or when fibre Ethernet costs can’t be justified.

What’s the difference?

ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line)

ADSL splits a line into discrete voice and data channels, letting you make a phone call while you’re still connected to the internet. This technology is cheap and easy to install, and a reasonably reliable solution for many businesses. ADSL is a contended service with traffic ranking implemented at the local exchange, which means speeds may vary during peak times as higher volumes of traffic pass through the exchange.

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)

FTTC is also known as “Superfast Fibre”, and is the latest development in ADSL. It offers superior download and upload speeds and will in time replace ADSL services.

The Benefits:

  • Unlimited business usage
  • Rapid deployment – within 10 working days
  • UK wide coverage
  • Cost-effective connectivity

Wired performance without the wires.

Flow Networks enhanced Wireless Leased Lines provision gives you all the pros of a traditional leased line service, but none of the cons, with all our wireless set-ups offering symmetrical bandwidth between 10Mbps and 2Gbps. Our next-generation independent system utilises tech-leading microwave and radio technology so you can be connected immediately. With Flow Networks your organisation can begin to reap the rewards within 25 days.

The Benefits:

  • We can install a wireless system within 25 working days of receiving an order, around 1/3 of the time it takes to install a fibre line.
  • In addition to this wireless requires no planning permission, and causes no disruption. Our expert fitters will come to your site, fit a dish to your building, connect the system to your office, school, business or service and voilà, you’re good to go.
  • It’s flexible. As the circuit is delivered through the ether, and it is easy to relocate if you move offices.

*Subject to site survey

The high cost of enterprise WAN connectivity, support, and human resources accompanied by the growth of bandwidth-greedy streaming apps and cloud-based services, is pushing many network administrators to search for alternative solutions. SD-WAN, is that solution.

Flow Networks innovative approach to network connectivity can also save you money by lowering operational costs and improving resource practice for multi-site organisations.

SD-Wan allows administrators to utilise bandwidth more efficiently ensuring performance at the highest possible level, especially for critical applications that won’t sacrifice security or data privacy.

With this technology, remote sites can be connected using low-cost internet links secured by VPN. MPLS-like reliability without the cost is delivered through manifold up-links with load balancing capabilities, intelligent path control, and automatic failover.