Comprehensive IT Site Audit & Consultancy

Many organisations are unsure of where to begin when it comes to IT. Flow Network can conduct a full site audit to ascertain needs, offer recommendations and provide solutions. Perhaps you are considering rolling out new software across your business, or your current network isn’t working for you but you’re not sure what to do with it.
This might take the form of an examination of the management controls within an existing information technology (IT) infrastructure, to determine if the system is safeguarding your assets, upholding data integrity, and operating efficiently, to achieve the organisation’s aims or objectives.


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Managed IT/Site Audit & Consultancy

Managed IT Site Audit and Consultancy

Setting Financial Targets

This system and process assurance focuses on financial objectives, saving you and your business, money.

When you need an expert opinion on your infrastructure, Flow Networks consultancy services can be called upon to give you the best advice for your business.


This appraisal builds a risk profile for both new and existing schemes, assessing the length and depth of an organisation’s experience using its selected technologies. This audit is deigned to validate if your systems and applications are: suitable, efficient, and controlled, making sure they are valid, dependable, timely, and secure, through all the input, processing, and output activity.

This is a review not just of the technologies that your company currently uses, but includes any it might need to add.