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SIP trunking is the system of telephony that links your company to the public telephone system, using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a data circuit and rather than old-style BT or ISDN lines.
With SIP trunking at the vanguard of voice solutions, more organisations are moving away from taking their voice calls over ISDN lines and making the transition to SIP trunking, with its savings, additional flexibility, and resilience.


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SIP – Managed IT/Remote & Telephone Support

VOIP - SIP remote telephone IT support

SIP trunking if used properly is a direct replacement for ISDN with additional benefits, or it can be utilised as a helpful technology backup to complement an existing ISDN service.

SIP trunking from Flow Networks:

  • Reduces overheads both in line rental and calls
  • Integrates effortlessly with the majority of phone systems
  • Guarantees call quality using Ethernet
  • Ports existing numbers to a SIP network
  • Provides resilience through geographically diverse SIP network nodes
  • Short notice scalability
  • Amalgamates line usage across numerous sites
  • Makes numbers available from any UK dialling code, irrespective of your location. We can also provide numbers from international geo-locations.