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Technology mishaps happen all the time. Flow Network provides remote IT provision, when it’s needed most, to cover System crashes, workstation glitches, and device failures all of which can bring an organisation to its knees.
We can connect securely to remote computers, access applications or individual files, and troubleshoot problems at the moment your employees need it.


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Flow Network removes the hassle of having to jump through hoops to offer remote support to your operators, when your focus should remain on your core business.

Flow Network is swift and secure, and there’s no installing software before support calls, opening firewall ports, telling people where to click, no complicated steps for staff to worry about; Flow Network takes care of it all.


Our support agents are all qualified and at hand ready to:

  • Assist work-from-home staff, employees in satellite sites, clients or organisation partners
  • Reduce costs, through time-saving travel for onsite, human response service calls and maintenance
  • Increase first-call resolution percentages

Our remote telephone service is just as easy.

The service is supported by trained operatives familiar with all facets of our products and software and the Support Desk is available between 09:00 – 17:30 Monday – Friday (excluding weekends & bank holidays). The majority of support calls can be resolved over the phone.


Telephone: 0151 363 6392


Or visit our self-service portal where you can create, view and manage your existing support tickets

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