Scaleable PBX Solutions

Many organisation are undecided as to whether they should buy an On-Premise PBX or a Hosted PBX. The answer is simple, it depends on the size of your business and what you want to gain from the PBX.
Flow Networks offer both solutions.


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PBX – Managed IT/Remote & Telephone Support

VOIP - PBX hosted IT services

As suggested by the name, Flow Networks handles the PBX and the responsibility of running, maintaining and upgrading the Hosted PBX is on us.

With a hosted solution, the cost of installation, operation and maintenance are far less, so you don’t need to worry about any network issues, such as bandwidth, particularly important for SMEs which don’t have the bandwidth to accommodate either a unified communications platform or VoIP.

There are also no dedicated personnel needed to manage the phone system, reducing costs further, and no additional in-house training required on how to run the telephony system.

With an on premise system, the customer has more control over their chosen scheme, including the capacity to assimilate the on-premise PBX with other software structures your company may be using such as CRM systems.

This set-up is ideal for large businesses which already have the infrastructure, bandwidth and network necessary to host their own telephony system, VoIP or unified communications platform.

With no delay or support needed for modest tasks, such as adding extensions.

All the system data and settings are in the customers’ hands.