Fast, Easy, Managed Backup & Recovery

Flow Network’s Disaster Recovery Service is specifically designed with SMEs in mind. It provides a complete package solution for backup, data storage and disaster recovery, to organisations who have a low tolerance threshold for downtime, data loss, or risk mitigation.
Flow Networks, will reproduce your systems, storage and any installed software onto an on-site facility and to one of our data clouds. In the event of an outage, we will reboot your organisations servers either locally or in our cloud, allowing you to continue IT services to your internal and external elements following failover.


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Managed IT/Managed Backup & Recovery

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Keeping you in business

Regardless of whether you need to recover a single file, a whole database, or an entire server, Flow Network’s Managed Back-up and Recovery Service ensures that your company stays in business, including providing a flexible, pay-as-you-go option.


We provide an all-in-one, integrated solution for all your backup, data retention and disaster recovery needs including:

  • Backup technology proven in hundreds of thousands of deployments with guaranteed, flexible Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 15 minutes or less per server.
  • Utilising single pane of glass technology management tool, integrating data from multiple sources across multiple applications and environments into a single display, with self-service Web-based recovery console allowing you to manage your entire disaster recovery context.
  • Push-button recovery of complete data centre with automated runbooks designed in an intuitive, graphical recovery plans editing programme.
  • Automated testing of your protected servers in a virtual private environment.
  • White glove support 24x7x365 to support your business in failover and failback.