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In a similar way to data centres, (LAN) local area networks, play a critical part in ensuring the stability and performance of all applications within the organisation, boosting productivity by diminishing downtime with continuing support freeing your staff to focus on what your business or service does best.

As your network develops in complexity, you might want to consider out-sourcing these operations to a network provider who can offer comprehensive end-to-end Local Area Networks management.

Whether your requirement is Copper, Fibre or three-phase, our engineers are fully accredited with industry standards for installing Data and Power requirements for new installations, refurbishments and relocations.


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LAN – Managed IT/Remote & Telephone Support

Local area networks diagram

Flow Networks assumes, as part of its Managed LAN Services provision, responsibility for all active LAN components and tasks, such as:

  • Configuration of LAN ports and WLAN access points
  • Configuration of your network to run at its peak
  • Management of applicable hardware and software
  • Hardware maintenance and rollout

Our end-to-end Local Area Networks service also includes:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • SLA compliance and technical metrics and updates

Flow Networks service is a combination of maintenance of any LAN equipment and devices with, if required, a site visit from one of our qualified engineers to diagnose, fix or replace the kit. Flow Networks utilises the latest LAN management solutions from industry-leading hardware partners.