Building a barrier

Your firewall is the network security system that observes and manages incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security rules and creates the barrier between your trusted internal network and the untrusted external world; the Internet. But, with the propagation of new applications and mixed-use networks, host and port based security are no longer adequate defences.
Flow Networks provide next-gen firewalls giving you comprehensive control over the users, content, and applications on your network.


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diagram showing firewall protection for your website

Using cutting-edge fingerprinting to identify users, content, and applications, our packet processing apparatus analyses traffic on your network up to and including layer 7.

By categorising traffic at layer 7, our firewall controls ambiguous, encoded, and peer-to-peer applications, such as Tribler or BBC iPlayer that cannot be managed by traditional firewalls.

This means that every network flow is compartmentalised, and access control policies are enforced.

Including an incorporated intrusion detection and prevention engine, our applications shield your network against malicious threats. A combination signature, protocol and anomaly focussed inspection process ensures nailed-on security for your network.

Device-aware access controls allow IT administrators to create the correct level of network access for each classification of device, while layer 7 device fingerprints, detect and organise; Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows (as well as other clients) with integration firewalls and wireless APs, so that firewall rules specific to iPads (for example) in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) network.