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Flow Network’s robust architecture platform is arranged in clusters with dispersed resources. Put simply, this gives you ample redundancy, with the sole intention of providing you with the maximum uptime, power and dependability your business needs.

Constructed utilising the latest server technology and hardware, Flow’s cloud hosting platform is based in an ultramodern, secure data centre in the UK with the concepts of speed, and quality, providing comprehensive peace of mind.


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Managed IT/Remote & Telephone Support
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Our in-house customer support has been based on our own experiences and so you can rest assured, you are in good hands. If you have a support issue, our approachable and expert support staff are available. Flow’s team is highly-trained with their focus on delivering personal and pragmatic responses to all your queries.

Life is made easier with our matchless feature-rich control panel

  • Everything in a single place
  • 70+ free one-click installs
  • Quick, simple backups

Almost 25% of all shared-hosting websites in the UK use eXtend Control Panel. Simple effective and easy to use, it has a multitude of features. It can organise your website files, monitor and check e-mail, manage and set up one-click apps, operate advanced web hosting tools and so much more, all from one convenient location.

Set up your WordPress site in seconds. With our one-click installation, there’s no need to either up or download any files, create databases or alter any permissions.

With the one-click WordPress installation included and the powerful Jetpack plugin as standard, you can share posts across social media platforms, monitor site statistics, safeguard your website from unauthorised logins, add contact forms, observe uptime and so much more.

Our cloud hosting platform exploits load balancing to distribute web traffic uniformly across server clusters, making sure your website remains unaffected throughout high traffic periods ensuring impact-less performance, even during peak periods