Prevention is better than cure

Flow Networks provides secure Anti Virus Software solutions specifically designed for SMEs, ensuring your users and systems are protected fully and free from cyber threats and incursions.
Cyber-security is a minefield and as such, it necessitates expertise and attention to detail.
Because there exists a permanent yet invisible threat to our businesses, one that is evolving constantly and every time we connect to the internet, we open a door into our work systems; anything getting through that door, can cost your business money, both in downtime and brand trust.


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Managed IT/Remote & Telephone Support
secure anti virus computing

Quarantining an issue to stop the spread, if necessary isolate compromised hardware until we can be certain you’re safe.

If we find anything malicious, we’ll remove it for you. Simply and automatically.

Through proactive monitoring threat discovery, analysis, and response, incident response times are reduced and tactical resources can be deployed on strategic analysis.

The help we provide can come at a fixed price, through a nominal monthly cost, and we collaborate with you to ensure that your cyber security is updated and evolving alongside any future threats.